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Concrete & Soil Field Inspection

Our qualified technicians and engineers can perform a vast majority of inspection and testings procedures in the field required by your firm. These services range from performing compaction testing with our fleet of Nuclear Density Gauges to concrete placement testing and sampling.


Our Laboratory provides certified testing services to meet our clients specific needs. Popular materials we test include: concrete, grout, mortar, soil, asphalt, and water filtration media. Our in house lab provides excellent value to customers seeking both field and laboratory services.

Coring and Specialty Services

KAKS offers several unique services to meet our clients’ specific needs. Please click on the “Learn More” Button below to learn more about the list of services KAKS provides.


KAKS Headquarters and Laboratory


311 Ruth Road

Harleysville, PA 19438


P: 215-375-7050

F: 215-368-2444


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