A DBE/WMBE/MBE Certified Firm

Rental Equipment (New!)

In addition to our field and lab services, KAKS now offers most of their inspection and testing equipment for short or long term lease. Whether you are searching for a Concrete Air Meter for one day or need a Nuclear Density Gauge for 6 months, KAKS can help. Feel free to reach out via the contact form or phone to inquire about details for your needs. Below is a list of equipment we offer. All equipment rentals are subject to availability.

Concrete Field Testing Equipment
  • Concrete Air Meter
  • Concrete Roller Meter
Soil Testing Equipment

Compaction/Aspahlt testing: Troxler Nuclear Gauge – KAKS exclusively stocks the Troxler 3440

Foundation Inspection: DCP- Dynamic Penetrometer (Drop hammer)/

Erosion and Sediment Controls: Double Ring Infiltrometer

Masonry and Grout Sampling

Brass Cube Molds

Coring Machine
  • Asphalt/Concrete Coring Machine
  • Coring Bit (6, 3, and custom diameter)
  • Generator
  • Water Supply
Floor Flatness
  • FACE Dipstick – 2272. The dipstick is a state of the art measuring device that provides instant results and can provide reports graphs and line surveys. In addition to being able to provide the standard FF, FL and Fmin, the Dipstick is able to provide TR-34 Free Movement, and Defined Movement, as well as Rut depth and slab upheaval in accordance with AASHTO R41.
Vibration Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring Equipment can include solar panel, communication center, etc